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Hands On Preview: Recore

 Image Copyright: Dinosaur Spaceship
Image Copyright: Dinosaur Spaceship

With only weeks till release Recore to many is an amalgam. Its debut last year at E3 was filled with fancy CGI that gave no hint to what the game was about. This past E3 Microsoft delivered about a 60 second sizzle reel that showed some of its mechanics but not much; combined with a $40 price tag people are concerned about the quality of the game. After hands on time with Recore at Nerd HQ the game showed signs of promise but revealed very little again.

In Recore you play as Joule Adams awoken from cryo sleep on a planet Far Eden that was to be the new home for humans. Something has gone wrong, most of the “corebots” that were supposed to be helping terraform the planet are instead hostile. From there, your journey begins. Recore at its heart is part platformer and part shooter. The demo I had hands on time with was low on the platformer side and heavy on the shooting side. 

The shooting mechanics were enjoyable with more to it than just holding down the trigger. Different types of robots need different types of ammo to effectively take down. The ammo was mapped to your a,b,x, and y buttons. This provided a nice change of pace then simply blasting everything in sight with little or no thought. The platforming pieces came into play when I needed to scale a wall. Thanks to a jet pack Joule can double jump and one of her trusty corebots can help sling her against walls and carry her higher up. In the demo there was a male voice giving Joule directions so perhaps she is not alone on the planet or it is an AI of some type. The demo did not make this part clear. Hopefully Microsoft will release more information on Recore before it is available to get a better feel for what the game actually is. The Gamescom demo  did not show much more than what had already been seen with the exception of a couple more core mechanics. These core mechanics gave a hint to the upgrade system of the corebots adding new abilities. 

Though my time was enjoyable I could see myself growing weary of all the jumping and shooting. The world needs to be rich and enticing in order for me to keep going back. Microsoft and the developer have held back talking about any more of the story and world behind Recore. Hopefully that choice was made to preserve the experience when playing the game for the first time and not because there’s not much more to talk about.