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Comic Con: Nerd HQ Recap

 Image Source: NerdHq Wiki
Image Source: NerdHq Wiki

The Nerd Machine made an appearance in San Diego alongside San Diego Comic Con in the form of Nerd HQ. The brain child of Zachary Levi features what they call “Conversations with a cause”; live panels with actors, musicians etc… Those who wished to attend could purchase a ticket to a panel for 20 dollars, of which the proceeds were donated to Operation Smile. This year Nerd HQ was held at the New Children’s Museum and unlike the panels was free of charge with registration. Nerd HQ had a variety of things to check out besides panels including video games like Gears Of War 4, Battlefield 1, Recore and much more. 

If you were in attendance at Nerd HQ you’re familiar with the event. For those that are planning to go to comic con in the future it is definitely a place worthy of your time. The lines are shorter, panels are easier to get into and it won’t cost you anything to attend the event itself (albeit not panels). I was able to get hands on time with a multiplayer match of Gears of War 4 much easier than anything possible at Comic Con. Nerd HQ also has signings from folks in the industry. The highlight for myself was getting to play 20 minutes of Recore. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on Recore in an upcoming preview to give you an idea if it’s worth your time. Also on display were the Xbox One S and the customer Gears of War 4 Xbox One S. Both consoles looked incredible and if you purchase one you’ll be pleased with it’s aesthetics. It is a huge improvement over the original Xbox One design. If you’re in town for Comic Con next year make sure you take a detour to Nerd HQ. It’s not always granted to return so the support of fans attending will ensure its future. 

Comic Con 2016

 Source:  comic con.org
Source: comic con.org

It’s that time of year for the legendary San Diego International Comic Con. Dinosaur Spaceship will be there all day covering all you want to know. One of the premier events is the 20th anniversary celebration of South Park at Martin Luther King Jr Promenande Park. There are many exciting activities surrounding comic con and we’ll be covering as many of those as we can. So if you can’t make it out for yourself stay tuned we’ve got you covered.  In the meantime here’s an awesome behind the scences with Matt and Trey discussing South Park: The Fractured But Whole.