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One Thing to Eat In Each City: Pittsburgh “Primanti Bros”

 Copyright: Dinosaur Spaceship
Copyright: Dinosaur Spaceship

No food is more Pittsburgh than a Primanti bros sandwich. Pittsburgh has many great eateries varying from steaks, to fish but nothing is more Pittsburgh when it comes to food than Primanti. If you’re from Pittsburgh you don’t need any explaining but if you’re not this part is for you.

 source:  primantibros.com
source: primantibros.com

What started as a food cart in the early 1930’s, has expanded into 17 different locations. Primanti Bro’s founded by Joe Primanti specializes in sandwiches with your choice of meat, french fries on top, with cole slaw, cheese, tomato on an Italian bread. In the stores there are many options even a vegan black bean burger option. On this particular day we visited the original strip district location and I was in the mood for a “Pitts-burger”, while my cohort had a corned beef with no cheese. 

The atmosphere around the district was incredible as it was the last Sunday of the month and a there was a farmers market going on. Which I was informed by a local happens only during the summer on the aforementioned last Sunday of the month. We were tempted to make the strip district our number one choice of what to do while in Pittsburgh. However, as the farmers market happens during the summer and only once a month where as the Duquesne Incline is open year round, even when it snows. It won out in the end. 

Pittsburgh is an amazing city and we hope to be back there in the future to see what else it has to offer. What are your favorite foods to eat in Pittsburgh and or attractions? Let us know in the comments if you feel something else is more deserving or to share your favorite Primanti Bros sandwich.