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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed to 2017

 image source: Ubisoft.com
image source: Ubisoft.com

The eagerly anticipated new south park game which was scheduled to come out sometime in December has now been delayed to Q1 2017 according to the Ubisoft blog. The reasoning behind it was for quality purposes. The usual “the team needs more time, to meet expectations of fans.” 

In the end it may not be a bad thing the game is delayed. With so many big titles (Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4) coming out this holiday season competing for customers wallets the game may fair better in the early months of 2017. Best to have a well polished game and take the hit of a delay, than release a sub par title during the holidays that quickly gets forgotten. South Park fans will just have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the Fractured But Whole. 

E3: The Last Day

 Taken at E3 Live
Taken at E3 Live

The last day of E3 Dinosaur Spaceship explored the surrounding offerings. Starting with E3 Live which was a registration event open to fans. E3 Live was a small sectioned off area outside next to the Staples Center. With a WB booth showing off various games including “Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens” and “Lego Dimensions“.  There was an Alienware section showing off steam machines and A giant Titanfall Statue pictured above.  There was a Facebook experience section, a tent showing off the HTC Vive, a twitch booth and booths selling some merchandise. Overall the event was very disappointing. The vibe speaking to various people at the event was wondering if we were in “the right spot” or if there was more around the other corner. The Space was about the size of two basketball courts. It was nice of the software association to offer tickets and they were free but the overall experience was lackluster. If you weren’t able to get into the actual conference and this was all you saw I can imagine they’d feel very disappointed. Perhaps with how quickly tickets to the event were given out it shows strong support for the general publics willingness to attend the event. Perhaps this will lead to a general sale of a limited amount of tickets to the public in the future. 

Next to the E3 Live event was an event sponsored by Doritos called MixArcade. Here there was a stage set up where Artist performed at night and a tent where various arcade games could be played. On a hot Thursday in Los Angeles the Mix Arcade tent was a nice respite. E3 Live should take a hint from Doritos (ironically) and make future events (if there are) more like this. More games a place to relax.

Around the back of the tent was a nice spot where you could see the giant screen where you could play arcade games. Thursday June 16th that feature was not available as they were filming a commercial in that location. As you can imagine Dinosaur Spaceship was not allowed to take pictures while this was going on. 

Outside the Los Angeles Convention Center we ran across a really neat promotion by 2K for Mafia III. A New Orleans style funeral

Granted there wasn’t much to see outside of the convention. But we wanted to make sure we covered the whole experience for those who could not make the trip out there for themselves. We’ll have more extensive coverage in the coming days of our thoughts from what was shown and all the announcements. 

E3 2016: Sony

 source:  playstation.com
source: playstation.com

Monday evening Sony started their press conference with a first look at the new “God of War“. Followed by an onslaught of game after game. “Days Gone“, “The Last Guardian“, “Horizon Zero Dawn“, a new game from developer Quantic Dream makers of “Beyond Two Souls” and “Heavy Rain” called “Detroit Become Human“. The Game looks very much in line with the tv show “Almost Human” which aired on fox from 2013-2014.

Next up Sony showed various virtual reality games for the upcoming “Playstation VR”. Resident Evil VII, “Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission“, “Farpoint“, “Batman Arkham VR“, “Final Fantasy XV VR experience“. Followed by a look at “Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare”. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much the gameplay looked like “Titanfall 2“. We won’t have to wait long to find out which game pulls it off better come the fall. “Crash Bandicoot” is getting a remaster of the first three games plus making an appearance in the new “Skylanders game that was shown. 

The biggest two reveals were the Playstation exclusive “Spiderman” game by Insomniac and Hideo Kojima revealing his first game since being fired by Konami “Death Stranding” starring Norman Reedus. Strand means to drive or leave aground or ashore. Which makes sense since we see Norman Reedus’ character in the trailer, naked ashore. Not sure why they just didn’t say stranded. Perhaps their combining strand and standing, maybe it’s just bad translation. Regardless the trailer was interesting and hopefully they reveal more in the coming months. What excited you the most? We’d love to hear in the comments. 

E3: 2016 EA and Bethesda

 source:  e3expo.com
source: e3expo.com

The time has finally arrived for the annual E3 week. The time gaming fans have been waiting for all year to learn about all the upcoming news for their platform(s) of choice. EA kicked off the festivities Sunday afternoon detailing their new EA Originals program, the future of EA Star Wars games, a first look at “Titanfall 2” and a new “Mass Effect Andromeda” trailer. Following EA later in the evening it was Bethesda’s turn at their BE3 conference. Bethesda unveiled “Quake Champions“, “Fallout Shelter” updates alongside a PC release, new downloadable content for “Fallout 4“, “Doom” and “The Elder Scrolls Online”, a “Elder Scrolls Skyrim” remaster, a new IP Prey, and game play footage of Dishonored 2. Microsoft’s press conference which takes place today, Monday June 13th at 9am Pacific 12pm Eastern. Dinosaur Spaceship will be live tweeting and sharing our initial thoughts during the briefing. So be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the news. Followed by our overall impressions of Microsoft’s briefing and what it means for Xbox in the coming year.

Monday evening we’ll continue the E3 kick off with Sony’s PlayStation conference at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern. We’ll follow the same formula as the Xbox press conference. 

We’ll be on the ground floor Thursday June 16th and will have detailed reports of our impressions, after we get our hands on the games. Later this week look for our first “Flashback Friday”. Our monthly series where we review older games and offer that unique Dinosaur Spaceship perspective. This month it’s “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection” and find out how you can win “Uncharted 4”.