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Social Media Stars: Angry Joe vs. Angry Army

Angry Joe aka Joe Vargas the popular YouTube star of the channel Angry Joe Show has found himself in a bit of controversy with fans demanding more “Angry Reviews” which have been his trademark. In this reviews Angry Joe reviews a video game in which he gives his honest opinion. The Angry part of the review stems from Joe’s reaction to frustrating elements in a game. Be it level design, writing, graphics etc. Over the years the reviews have become more involved with sets, costumes and even parody sketches.  What led to the controversy was Angry Joe announcing he was taking a break from making these “Angry Reviews” which take a long time to produce, while he took a much needed vacation. He stated he would still be supporting the channel with other content such as movie reviews, trailer reactions etc. If you clicked this article frothing at the mouth expecting us to bash Angry Joe you’re going to be disappointed.

A small group of viewers have been flooding the comments sections accusing Angry Joe of being a sellout, only caring about money, not caring about his fans and abandoning the very thing that brought about his stardom. While it is normal to be saddened by having less of something you care about it is illogical to respond in the manner many people out there have been. In the video above you can watch Angry Joe going into great detail how he has produced 10 “Angry Reviews” this year already match what he has done in total years prior. Deciding to not make something is well within his right. If you donated to Angry Joe through Twitch you can stop at any time. There’s a grand sense of entitlement and ownership viewers on YouTube have. Some feel since they’ve “been there since the beginning” or have “been watching for years” Joe Vargas owes them something. He does not. He created a form of entertainment that you consumed and enjoyed or did not enjoy. If you’re not running Adblock on your computer or phone they in some part yes the ad that ran helped him. But in return you got X amount of minutes of a video. Many want to see Joe fail. Lose all his subscribers and be gone from YouTube entirely. You’re allowed to think that, just as he’s allowed to manage and create whatever type of content he desires on his channel. The channel is called Angry Joe Show, not Angry Joe Reviews and screams about video games. Regardless if that brought about his fame or not. Those video are always there to see if you want the “Old Joe”. 

Joe at time can be his worst enemy. The video at the top has close to 19,000 dislikes. Disabling comments on his YouTube channel angered many. To his credit he addressed the controversy and even refers to 2014 when he stated on Twitter he would never disable comments. He pointedly states if he was a sellout he would turn comments back on and let people argue over and over in the comments which would generate more revenue. Right or not he is trying to moderate the community to make sure the comment section does not get out of control. Ironically though many accuse Joe of not being “real” and a shill. His video addressing the controversy is about as “real” as it gets. You can audibly tell the frustration in his voice, read some of the comments in the gallery above. It’s baffling, it’s hard to understand what goes into making and creating content for YouTube. Sure some people out there churn things out at various quality. It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone who is making thousands of dollars while for some it takes months to make that amount. To his fans in taking a break from the “Angry Reviews” he is coasting on lower quality videos that veer away from the likes of his core audience. There is a big disconnect between YouTubers and viewers. They’re much more accessible than film and tv stars. This media genre is still evolving and has more growing pains to go through. The video on the left by another popular YouTuber Boogie2988 , gives a good glimpse of what other YouTubers think of the controversy.

Though we may seem a biased in defending Joe, we understand where the hate is coming from, as vile as it may be sometimes. It’s the same backlash fans of musical artist have when they’re favorite band does not sound like previous albums. If the Angry Joe Show is no longer appealing to you, speak your peace, dislike the video if you actually watched it and move on. But don’t attack someone verbally with insults. He is not taking anything from you. It was never yours to begin with.