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Cool new apps: Grammar Snob #grammared

Have you ever found yourself reading over a friends message wishing you could correct their grammar and punctuation? Now you can with grammar snob! The app was developed by John Haney. Thanks to him you can now correct your friends mistakes the old fashioned way with red ink. For instance your friend sends you a message stating “What time should I meet you their” You can then tap the right arrow key to access your stickers then hold and drag an x or squiggly line  directly on top of the error. Then drag “there” right below your correction. It’s an ingenious method that may cause you to lose friends or not have any at all. But for the sake of grammar we must prevail. 

Check out this video by Jane Jones demonstrating the app in action. As well as other cool stickers she likes to liven up your experience in iMessage. Also be sure to check out developer John Haney’s other apps. You can download Grammar Snob for .99 cents on the app store and it is well worth the price.