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Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative revealed

After patiently waiting for days Bioware and EA have unveiled the Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative. What started out as a trailer has now turned into an interactive site where you learn more about the backstory of Mass Effect Andromeda. 

 Your reward for completing the initiative. 
Your reward for completing the initiative. 

Upon completion, you’re rewarded with a “pathfinder grade” helmet, as pictured above. If you’ve been starving for some Mass Effect news this is a great way to delve deep into the world and earn yourself a nifty prize. Mass Effect Andromeda can’t come soon enough. 

Dinosaur Spaceship at E3

It’s been a great week so far but the fun isn’t over yet. Dinosaur Spaceship is on the ground floor today at E3 and we’ll have extensive coverage of what we’re able to get our hands on later this evening. If there’s something you would really like us to check out or what’s been your favorite thing so far? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to make it happen. One of the biggest surprises has been the return of God of War. The fun is just getting started so stay tuned. 

E3: 2016 EA and Bethesda

 source:  e3expo.com
source: e3expo.com

The time has finally arrived for the annual E3 week. The time gaming fans have been waiting for all year to learn about all the upcoming news for their platform(s) of choice. EA kicked off the festivities Sunday afternoon detailing their new EA Originals program, the future of EA Star Wars games, a first look at “Titanfall 2” and a new “Mass Effect Andromeda” trailer. Following EA later in the evening it was Bethesda’s turn at their BE3 conference. Bethesda unveiled “Quake Champions“, “Fallout Shelter” updates alongside a PC release, new downloadable content for “Fallout 4“, “Doom” and “The Elder Scrolls Online”, a “Elder Scrolls Skyrim” remaster, a new IP Prey, and game play footage of Dishonored 2. Microsoft’s press conference which takes place today, Monday June 13th at 9am Pacific 12pm Eastern. Dinosaur Spaceship will be live tweeting and sharing our initial thoughts during the briefing. So be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the news. Followed by our overall impressions of Microsoft’s briefing and what it means for Xbox in the coming year.

Monday evening we’ll continue the E3 kick off with Sony’s PlayStation conference at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern. We’ll follow the same formula as the Xbox press conference. 

We’ll be on the ground floor Thursday June 16th and will have detailed reports of our impressions, after we get our hands on the games. Later this week look for our first “Flashback Friday”. Our monthly series where we review older games and offer that unique Dinosaur Spaceship perspective. This month it’s “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection” and find out how you can win “Uncharted 4”.