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One Thing to Eat In Each City: San Francisco “Pacific Cocktail haven”

 Image credit: Pacific Cocktail Haven
Image credit: Pacific Cocktail Haven

So here’s where we mix it up a bit and cheat a little. Usually we choose one thing to eat in each city. This time we chose something for the grown up night out. With so many guides out there on food in San Francisco we took a different approach. Our choice for an enjoyable night out drinking with friends is Pacific Cocktail Haven. A nice cozy bar in downtown. With pleasing aesthetics and good cocktails. Pacific Cocktail Haven makes for a great place to get drinks. 

I tried the “Saffron” an interesting mix of Saffron infused Del Maguey Vida, campari, grilled pineapple and citrus. The “Ninth Ward” was my least favorite drink though sounded interesting. We also had the “City of Dawn” and “Thrilla in Manilla”. With so many options including beer and wine there’s bound to be something for everyone. The only downside were the prices at $13 each cocktail your tab will add up quickly. Then again that’s par for the course in San Francisco, so the bill at the end of the night wasn’t a big surprise. Let us know your favorite drink or something you’d like to try in the comments. Check out the gallery below to see the drinks. 


Image credit: Dinosaur Spaceship. Menu pics credit Pacific Cocktail Haven