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With the dust settling from last weeks Microsoft (MSFT) press conference, it's time to look back on the Surface Studio with clear eyes. To call the Surface Studio an "iMac clone", is not only stupendously inaccurate but misses the mark who this product is intended for. The Surface Studio is aimed at business professionals such as architects, creative designers, magazine editors etc... Where the iMac has long been used by creative professionals it is also has low end options that are perfect for everyday users browsing the web. The Surface Studio starting at $3000 dollars is not the machine you want to buy to browse Facebook. It's for those who want to "Do More" with their products and get the most out of them. 

It's easy and lazy to compare the two. They're both all in one computing machines, the display is the prominent feature, use a stand and have the brushed aluminum look. Apple (AAPL) may have popularized the all in one but Microsoft is taking it to a new level. Targeting the creative professionals is a bold move from Microsoft. Aligning with their strategy of devices that "Do more"

Samsung has been in the news a lot lately, and not for a good reason. The mainstream media has jumped at every opportunity to ravage Samsung over every report of exploding phones; often without verifying the source. A new report from China where a man claimed a "safe Galaxy Note 7" exploded while charging, damaging his Macbook Pro and injuring two of his fingers.  The man Hui Renjie was visited by a Samsung representative but declined their offer to inspect his phone because he does not trust them to reveal the true nature of the fire, so he decided to publicize the issue (bloomberg.com)  Now as much as Samsung has botched the recall thus far of the Galaxy Note 7, the media is quick with headlines of "Supposed safe Galaxy Note 7 explodes". At this point we don't know whether Mr. Renjie was telling the truth or exactly what occurred. What we do know is these serious accusations can cause irreparable damage to a business. We at Dinosaur Spaceship are not apologist and are beholden by no corporation. But these serious allegations and the media is failing with its shotty journalism. In this age of click bait headlines, media companies and blogs are more concerned with clicks then actual reporting. So instead of using terms like "alleges" or "possible" they simply state "explodes" then as you read along you find more facts about the case. Whenever someone decides to publicize an issue, in this case Mr. Renjie; it is a journalist job to examine the issue more closely. 

Samsung has stated that about half of Galaxy note 7’s with a potential battery cell problem have been returned. As you may now some devices have been known to catch fire, explode or swell upon charging. Though these statements have not all been verified. Never the less it is imperative if you are one of the consumers affected with this problem that you return the phone to place you bought it from and get an...

Have you ever found yourself reading over a friends message wishing you could correct their grammar and punctuation? Now you can with grammar snob! The app was developed by John Haney. Thanks to him you can now correct your friends mistakes the old fashioned way with red ink. For instance your friend sends you a message stating “What time should I meet you their” You can then tap the right arrow key to access your stickers...

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, the tech community and consumers alike were in shock at the loss of one of our generation’s most prolific and recognizable tech visionaries. Steve Jobs launched products that both disrupted existing markets and created new markets alike offering up the sort of visionary genius we so rarely find in the world. Today, our generation of entertainers and technology figureheads are more likely to spout bombastic claims rather than backing it up with a list of ground breaking achievements. In addition to being a visionary, Jobs was an entertainer in his stage presence, conviction and showmanship.  The combination of these traits is what Jobs brought to the table and since his passing the tech community at large has continued a search for the next visionary leader.