EntertainmentSportsThe Great Baseball Stadium Journey: AT&T Park San Francisco, CA

<p>Our Journey finally brought us to San Francisco and AT&T park.  The city by the bay was a gracious host of The Great Baseball Stadium Journey. AT&T park opened April 11, 2000 and with its stunning views of the bay does not lack in aesthetic charm. It was designed with an old time feel with brick encompassing much of the exterior architecture. Blending seamlessly into the waterfront AT&T park feels like a piece of the city. With this comes some neat ways to get to and enter the ballpark. Public transportation options include the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), metro, trolley cars and even the ferry. The ferry was one of the most unique ways I've encountered to get to a game. Getting to the stadium was hassle free with so many options and navigating the crowds were not a problem. Though be aware the metro and other options can get crowded.</p>

Frankie Gonzalez

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