Galaxy note 7 recall

 image source: samsung
image source: samsung

Samsung has stated that about half of Galaxy note 7’s with a potential battery cell problem have been returned. As you may now some devices have been known to catch fire, explode or swell upon charging. Though these statements have not all been verified. Never the less it is imperative if you are one of the consumers affected with this problem that you return the phone to place you bought it from and get an exchange or refund etc… Replacement phones have been in stores starting September 21st. 

Samsung has been doing damage control ever since the defect was discovered. It’s too early to see how it will affect Samsung long term. Shame on Samsung for taking so long to get replacement devices back to consumers with reports of customers having a hard time returning them. With airlines warning passengers not to use note 7’s and reports of passengers being warned to turn on any Samsung phones, Samsung has a way to go to restore its image. Not to mention the goliath that has just been released the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Needless to say you would not want to be the CEO of Samsung in its current state. 

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