Comic Con: South Park 20th Anniversary Experience

 Copyright: Dinosaur Spaceship
Copyright: Dinosaur Spaceship

South Park had a strong presence at San Diego comic con celebrating the shows 20th anniversary. Across the street from the convention center Comedy Central hosted the South Park experience. Fans were treated to high quality cut outs of their favorite characters and also featuring famous scenes from the show. From Professor Chaos to Satan to towelie fans could find their favorites among all the cut outs. 

Being a casual fan some of the references alluded me but my colleague a big South Park fan was in her own heaven, taking pictures with all the characters. Each section had a different famous scene and perfectly set up to take pictures. Comedy Central was kind enough to hire staff that would take pictures for you with your camera to get a better shot. At the end of the experience was a tent dedicated to the upcoming game South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The days were hot so it wasn’t quite the immaculate recreation of the fictitious snowy South Park, Colorado; but was still a great way to honor the 20th anniversary of the show. 

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