Mid Season Review: “Yankees”

 source image: cdtrips.com
source image: cdtrips.com

With the All Star Game fast approaching it’s time to shift our reviews from “Quarter Season” to “Mid Season” At the start of the season there was hope for Yankees fans. The addition of a couple new players and the resurgence of Alex Rodriguez bode well for the 2016 season. Many pundits had them winning the AL East. But as the beginning of July approaches the Yankees find themselves (35-36) 6 games back in the AL East trailing the first place Baltimore Orioles followed by the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees are in the unenviable spot of riding it out or cleaning house and reloading for next year. General manager Brian Cashman has stated he’s not ready to wipe the slate clean yet. But alas things have not gone the way the pinstripes wish it would have. Poor play and injuries to key players like C.C. Sabathia (5-4 2.71) and Mark Teixeira havae contributed to a poor first half of the season. Teixeira was also struggling mightlily at the plate hitting only .180 with 3 home runs. A good team snaps out of their slump and the Yankees have come a long way from being 8-15 at the start of May. The bad news is they haven’t gained ground either, still 6 games back now towards the start of July. 

There are some bright spots, though few and far between, which is not enough for a team and city that is use to winning. Didi Gregorius (.286) has been solid behind the plate but his fielding has been less than desirable and under the average of most shortstops, currently sitting at minus 7 runs saved. Gregorius will need to improve his defense if the Yankees are to make up ground. The shortstop is the catalyst of the defense. Carlos Beltran is having a great year hitting .286 with 19 home runs and 51 runs batted in. On the pitching side the Masahiro Tanaka (4-2 2.91) has proved solid despite the lack of run support from his teammates. Though the standout has been Andrew Miller (4-0 1.17). Miller has been solid out of the bullpen and also picking up 7 saves in spot opportunities. Yankees fans are some of the most ravenous and these silver linings are not enough. Brian Cashman has not been getting the job done and if the trend continues the Yankees will be missing the playoffs. Which would be a big disappointment to a team with such high hopes going into the season and after the loss last year to the Houston Astros in the American League Wild Card game. Should the players stay or should they go? That is the question and not a choice that will easily be made. 

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